The Man Without a Pulse: Cardiomyopathy & Heart Failure


Hey I am Adam Delorey, I went into heart failure at the age of 13 when my ejection fraction (heart function) was at 11%!!! I was then diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy which is a hereditary condition in my family.  Luckily, through medications I bounced back to ~45% EF (normal adult 65%) and lived a normal life but was told that I would need a Heart Transplant by the time I was the age of 23 I started Stand-up comedy and still have the same old heart at 38. Did I find a cure?  Nope! I now live with an LVAD which was implanted Via open heart surgery at age 35 which I will wear until I receive my new heart (hopefully soon).  Did it slow me down?  Nope, I work a full time job, raise two children and manage to tour internationally performing Stand-up comedy and other speaking engagements.  My debut album Heartless is available for pre-sale on iTunes May 13th.  Thanks for listening.

Listen to a clip from Adams new album below!

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