My Entire Family Is Dead - Managing Grief w/ David Garner

Vultus Per Meus Preteritus, Termino per meus sententia. I still don’t know for sure if google translated that correctly, but I believe that’s the Latin way of saying “shaped by our past, defined by our decisions”. I always wanted to have those words tattooed on my body somewhere, in a language people wouldn’t understand so that I could only explain the true meaning of the words with people I felt comfortable sharing my story with. Then I realized that the words have been tattooed, permanently, on my mindset. Our past can often come to “define” who we are as we progress through our present and future, and it’s only natural to be a product of whatever life has thrown at you, good or bad. I’ve come to discover that the past only “shapes” us and that ultimately we are defined by the decisions we make, today, tomorrow and for the rest of our lives. I learned very young that committing to a positive thinking lifestyle would benefit me in the long run, and I can only hope that my story can help people take the time to make decisions that will come to define them as the best possible version of themselves, regardless of what the past threw at them.

A wise man once said (actually it was Han from Fast and the furious Tokyo Drift)
“Life is simple. You make choices and you don’t look back”

Choose to have willpower. Choose to not let the negative consume you. Choose to learn from the toughest times of your life, because nothing will ever erase them. Even in the darkest moments, there is hope. You just have to decide to find it.

- David


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